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 Where farming meets FUN and learning!


Well there are some changes in store for Friendly farm.  As we grow and develop as a business we work toward the best possible business.  The path of a business is always looking for opportunities.  When Friendly Farms began in mid 2012, it was after 2 friends shared a dream and went after it.  We wanted a farm that would be a fun place for people to get outside, we wanted to teach people about where their food comes from and the joy of animals.  We discovered the value of goat’s milk and the opportunity to become a goat dairy.  We set out to find land but  land is VERY expensive.  In our searching we saw a piece of property that was just sitting, abandoned that would be great for us to start with.  We pursued the opportunity, found the owner and we were able to agree on a lease.  We had a 5 year lease and a plan to be ready to purchase either this land or something else within that 5 years.  Things were moving along. 

Then in December 2013, I lost my home to fire.  Dealing with that put things in slow motion but we were still moving forward.  In March of 2014, a realtor showed up at the farm to take pictures, after contacting the landlord we discovered that he had intended to sell the land at this point all along.  The price of the land is out of our range and fortunately high enough that a quick sale is not likely and we are continuing business as usual BUT we are looking for options. 

Looking at ways to diversify income, we looked at flipping houses.  We bought one intending to flip it or rent it out.  As life kept being life, we decided that the boys and I could live in this house for a while.  We decided that there is an old barn in the back, and it has 1 acre of land, we could move the animals because it is too far to drive twice a day to feed and milk.  So, this gives us the back up plan if the farm should sell.  So here is the current plan for Friendly Farm:

While we are not doing activities at the farm every day, we will house the animals at the house in Halls.  When we do birthday parties, camps, and field trips we will bring the animals with us.  The only thing that will be affected at the farm is the weekly classes will not have the animals around all the time, we will bring some but not many.  Instead those classes will have specific tasks to get done to get the farm ready for spring.  Without the animals everywhere, we will be able to focus on specifics and we have some fun things in store. 

It will also allow us to do birthday parties and some small groups in Knoxville.  We are working to set up the Friendly Farm Barnyard so people can come visit us in Knoxville.  There are many people that just can’t drive to Maryville.

So we all love Friendly Farm, and we hope to continue the fun and excitement of the farm and now we have more opportunities for more kids and families. 

Watch for summer camps, spring break camps, classes, workshops and more all to be published soon. 

Our motto at Friendly Farm is where Farming meets FUN and learning and we intend to continue that mission. 


Friendly Farm is a hands-on, interactive, educational goat dairy.  We are striving toward USDA certification that will allow us to sell out goat's milk and cheeses.  In the mean time, we are selling soap and working on recipes for shampoo, lotion, and lip balm. 

A HUGE part of what we do here on the farm involves YOU our guests! and our 100+animals. 

  • We LOVE to have people on the farm. 
  • We LOVE to watch kids (and adults) turn back into kids losing the stress of life and the focus on video games and electronics. 
  • We LOVE watching kids learn to
  • play outside!
  • enjoy animals
  • learn where their food comes from
  • and how important it is to take care animals. 

Check out our programs!

  • classes
  • workshops
  • birthday parties
  • field trips
  • family fun days

and more....


Plan a day now to come see Petunia (the pot-belly pig); Spike, Danny, Polka-dot, Heidi, Mama, Dolly, Jumper, Nibbles, soldier, Bucky, Scamper, and Fudge (the goats), Feathers the turkey and Mrs. Turkey; all the rabbits, chickens, ducks, chinchilla, pigs, ponies, horses, donkeys, .....