Field Trips

Field Trips are held daily in October. For more information visit our field trip page!  click the link above








Birthday Party

 We LOVE birthday Parites on the farm!  For details on our parties visit our party page

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Fall Fun

We offer LOTS of fall fun on the farm!  From Pumpkin patch to corn maze and petting zoo we have some GREAT fall fun lined up.  check out our fall fun page.  click here





We offer many classes and workshops.  Check out the schedule !

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Goat Milk Products


We offer several prducts for sale.  You can also see any anials that might be for sale here.

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Friendly Farm is a hands-on, interactive, educational goat dairy.  We are striving toward USDA certification that will allow us to sell out goat's milk and cheeses.  In the mean time, we are selling soap and working on recipes for shampoo, lotion, and lip balm. 

A HUGE part of what we do here on the farm involves YOU our guests! and our 100+animals. 

  • We LOVE to have people on the farm. 
  • We LOVE to watch kids (and adults) turn back into kids losing the stress of life and the focus on video games and electronics. 
  • We LOVE watching kids learn to
  • play outside!
  • enjoy animals
  • learn where their food comes from
  • and how important it is to take care animals. 

Check out our programs!

  • classes
  • workshops
  • birthday parties
  • field trips
  • family fun days

and more....


Plan a day now to come see Petunia (the pot-belly pig); Spike, Danny,   Nibbles, Soldier, Scamper, and Sparkles (the goats), Feathers the turkey and Mrs. Turkey; all the rabbits, chickens, ducks, chinchilla, pigs, ponies, horses, donkeys, .....

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