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We love the family!

We at Friendly Farm love farming, animals and kids.  We are truly a family run business.  Most days we are it. We know the value of the family and we know how difficult it is to find family friendly activities that don't cost a fortune.  We are working to build a place where families can come and spend some relaxed fun family time.  We know the value of farming and we know that to many people do not get to enjoy nature and the joy of growing things, caring for baby animals and more.  All of these things are available at Friendly Farm!  

Jodie Moore -  

Jodie brings to the farm 28 years as a teacher.  She loves nature and children.  She develops the curriculum for Friendly Farm school tours, plans the games and fun for the birthday parties,  and more.  After12 years as a scout leader, she develops our scout workshops.  With many years of 4H experience, she Loves to help kids learn about thier livestock.    As a homeschooling mom, she also develops and hosts workshops for homeschoolers. As well as runs the day to day operations of Friendly  Farm. 

CJ is our animal man and general all aroung repair man, build-it man, if it needs done call CJ.  He loves his animals and is happy to talk all about them.

This is a really bad picture of John.  We will work on that!  John is our rabbit and chicken man.  He can talk your ear off about his critters.  He can answer questions, sell concessions, and drive a cow train! 

Meet Hunter.  Hunter is a grey help on the farm.  He loves to mow!  He can answer most questions or tell you where to go.  He gets frustrated when he talks to guests and they ignore him.  He wants a shirt that clearly lets everyone know he works here!

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