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Our field trips at Friendly Farm are designed to be educational and FUN!  We use experiential learning to cover several state objectives.   

We offer several options for field trips! 



 Our first option is available in limited numbers because we try to only have 1 school on the farm at a time.  Book your date quickly. 

If you are looking for a short educational experience and lots of playtime, this is not the farm for you.  We are all about having FUN but the students will learn the whole time.  We provide the stations and the "instructors" all the teacher does is lead the students from station to station.  We offer 5 stations where the students e.xperience the animals.  They learn about each animalL see it in its farm home, pet, feed, and care for the critters.  This is a GREAT time for the students and they learn lots.  After the 2 hour educational tour, there is a picnic area for lunch, a hay ride, amd pumpkin patch. 

This trip is $7 per student, teachers and school staff free.  Parents and siblings $7 in advance or $10 day of event.


Option 2;  We Bring the Field Trip to you!.  trip. 

This trip is about 90 minutes of eduational time with the farm animals.  We bring sheep, goats, bunnies, chickens, ducks, and a pig to your location.  We set up 5 stations that the students rotate through.  They learn  

  •  the animals job on the farm,
  • what it eats, is it an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore
  • what is its classification; mammal, bird, fish? and why
  • some vocabulary...what is a male called, female, etc
  • they will get to hold, pet feed, the critter being discussed. 

This option is $7 per student teachers and school staff FREE.  Parents and siblings $7 in advance, $10 day of event  This option does have a $200 minimum,  Get teachers togerther to share the expense.


Our third option is  Class specific trips.  Do you have a project that needs to be done outside?  Is your school emphasisizng experiential learning?  The farm  is the place!  We have various habitats, large varieties of animals, seeds, and more.  If the topic involves nature, animals, or science, we can most likely plan a lesson for it. Cost varies depending on length of time, supplies, etc. 


To get your trip on the calendar email Jodie at or call 865-982-7255 (leave a message, we will call you back) or call Jodie on her cell phone at 865-247-1874  this is not a "pest" and totally OK!  


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