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Our field trips to Friendly Farm are designed to be educational and FUN!  We use experiential learning to cover several state objectives.  On the farm the students spend time doing what they are learning about.  The farm is all about real, hands-on learning. 


We offer several options for field trips! 


 Our first option is for our fall standard trip.  This trip is 2 hours of eduational time on the farm with time availalbe after for free fun.  Your trip will begin with a brief introduction, following that you will be divided into 6 groups.  It is helpful if you have already divided the group into 6 fairly even groups.  The groups will rotate through 6 stations.  4 of the stations will include:

  • rabbits
  • goats
  • chickens
  • pigs

In these stations they will learn:

  • the animals job on the farm,
  • what it eats, is it an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore
  • what is its classification; mammal, bird, fish? and why
  • they will get to hold, pet feed, the critter being discussed. 

Station 5 will discuss eggs.  They will identify different eggs, chicken, duck, turkey....and discuss the amazing development of the chick in the egg. 


Station 6 is new this year! 

We will read the story of Spookley the Square Pumpkin and talk about bullying.  We will talk about how important it is to be kind and not bully.  This is a GREAT story to help students learn to not bully and to not be bullied. 


For a list of common core objectives that we meet on a regular trip click here.  This is not a comprehensive list, I'm sure I missed some.....

2) Class specific trips.  Do you have a project that needs to be done outside?  Is your school emphasisizng experiential learning?  The farm  is the place!  We have various habitats, large varieties of animals, seeds, and more.  If the topic involves nature, animals, or science, we can most likely plan a lesson for it. Cost varies depending on length of time, supplies, etc. 


3) We can come to you!  We can bring a variety of animals to you.  We can bring our lessons to your classroom.  Most lessons $250. 


To get your trip on the calendar email Jodie at or call 865-982-7255


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