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Once you decide when to visit.  Then its time to dress for the best trip possible.  That means CLOSED toed shoes.  You see, chickens free range on our farm and they see toes and think worms...peck, peck.  Feeding the goats is always fun but they get a little excited by the feed and might not think about where they are putting their feet...ouch.  Then there is grass and weeds to get in your flip flops.  So, just wear closed toed shoes and your toes stay unpecked, unstomped, and grass free.


Second, wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.  We are a farm, and we have some GREAT play areas that include creeks.  So, if you wear clothes that you won't mind getting dirty you can play!  If you have boys throw in a garbage bag and a change of clothes.  Many boys leave here in their underwear because mom says NO way are you getting in my car like that! 


If you have allergies to animals or hay, be sure to take your medicine! 


Put a dryer sheet in your pocket or maybe two pockets!  That works as well if not better than bug spray. Deet is effective but VERY toxic so try a dryer sheet or two. 


Sunscreen if you must,  we are not huge fans of sunsceen (google sunscreen safety once) but if you worry about sunbrun then go ahead if you must.  We like to make vitamin D around here Lots of sun exposure and nothing to keep us from absorbing it. 


A blanket and picnic can be fun.   We will have food but for now, we only have a few snacks. 


On your way, run by the ATM.  there is no cell service at all on the farm and that makes taking credit cards diffcult.  if you bring cash, it is so much easier!  We can take your card but it means we take the card, run to the house, run the card, forget to ask your zip code, run back out to you ask the zipcode, run back to the house, process the transaction and run back... CASH!  is so much easier! 


Fill your gas tank!  we are 15 miles from the nearest gas station!  if you forget and your light is on PLEASE! do not leave!  tell one of us, we probably have a full gas can and can give you enough to be sure you make it.  unless of course someone else already made the error....


Any other questions?  feel free to call 865-247-1874




Last but not least!  GET EXCITED to see Moomoo, Donimic, Nugget, Squeeker, Spike, and all the rest!  We are all excited to see you!

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