Friendly Farm
Friendly Farm

Trick or Treat on the farm

This is a FUN time with extra exciting stuff goin on.  We will have some extra games, vendors to share some neat things with you and CANDY!  We will also have a costume contest!  We may have a few extra things on the farm too....

Come join the PARTY! 


So you think you have an AWESOME costume? 

Let's have some FUN! 

$1 from every ticket sold will go into a "pot"

The pot will be divided into adults, teens, kids

Each group will be judged by



most original

most creative

 The pot will be spilt  between the winners. 

Judges will be the vendors at our Trick or Treat party.  We may recruit some parents too.

Judging will occur at 1pm

**all of this is totally subject to change without notice if we find any reason that it might be not a good idea**


Purchase advanced tickets here and recieve a $1 per ticket discount!  Be sure to check out the all inclusive wristband!


Trick or Treat ticket
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This is a ticket to our event on October 27. Be sure to check the correct option. Consider the all inclusive wrist band for children ages 2-10 This wrist band will include , unlimited horse rides, and unlimited barrel train rides.

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