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Baby Cuddling Days

Baby goats and lambs need lots of love!  We are inviting a few lucky guests to help us love these babies.  As of right now, January 12, we have 8 babies and 5 more does ready to kid.

A baby cuddler will be blessed to hold, pet, feed, and play with the babies.  Space is VERY limited so advance ticket purchase is required! 

At this time, baby cuddling will be limited to just the baby nursery.  If you have been to the farm previously, you kow that we have pot-belly pigs, lots of goats, ponies, bunnies, chickens, ducks, etc.  All our animals LOVE people but with this huge move we are just not ready to have guests visit everyone.  This MIGHT change.  IF the temperature gets above freezing and stays that way for more than a few days, iF the rain lets up so the ground cn dry some, or if we just figure out how to make the farm accessible the I am sure Petunia, Moomoo, Danny, Applejack and all the critters would LOVE some love too but that looks like it will have to wait for the Easter Eggstravaganza. 


Our next session of Baby Cuddling will be March 14 noon -2 .  Get your tickets before they sell out! 


Purchase tickets here. If you do not use credit or debit cards and want to purchase tickets call Jodie at 865-982-7255,  Living in the country is a bit different so I may not get the message immediatly but I will get it and respond.  Email questions to


Baby Cuddling Days March 14
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Tickets for baby cuddling April 21 2:30-4:30 all ages 2 plus need a ticket

Baby Cuddling Days April 21 2:30 -4:30
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